MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 Released

iTunes removed

With Catalina Apple removes iTunes and replaces with three other Apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV

Check if you can run Catalina

First, before you get started, check that you can install the new OS. Catalina’s hardware requirements remain the same as for MacOS Mojave, the current version of the OS, so if you can run Mojave, you can run Catalina. Here are the Macs that meet the requirements:

MacBook 2015 and later
MacBook Air 2012 or later
MacBook Pro 2012 or later
Mac Mini 2012 or later
iMac 2012 or later
iMac Pro 2017 or later
Mac Pro 2013 or later

MacOS 10.15 Update 10/21/19

macOS Catalina Supplemental Update

The macOS Catalina Supplemental Update includes installation and reliability improvements, and is recommended for all users.

This update:

• Improves installation reliability of macOS Catalina on Macs with low disk space

• Fixes an issue that prevented Setup Assistant from completing during some installations

• Resolves an issue that prevents accepting iCloud Terms and Conditions when multiple iCloud accounts are logged in

• Improves the reliability of saving Game Center data when playing Apple Arcade games offline

For detailed information about the security content of this update, please visit: